Women Over 50 Psychotherapy Group

Details: The Village Institute for Psychotherapy offers a safe space for women over age 50 to work on personal challenges with other women experiencing similar stage-of-life matters. Explore transitions into new roles and identities; issues of intimacy, late-career and self-acceptance to help you to move forward with optimism and enthusiasm. Process regrets or issues holding you back as you re-evaluate what is important to you now. Group will be a springboard to clarify new desires and address patterns or relationships that no longer serve you. Whether experiencing an empty nest, divorce, or career change; contemplating retirement or downsizing; or simply wanting a deeper sense of fulfillment, seize this opportunity to remove obstacles to improving your life and explore how to let new sides of yourself emerge. Allow your 50s (and 60s and 70s) be a threshold that opens onto new horizons. Join The Village Institute as we explore, process, listen and share our experiences and dreams in a safe and clinical setting.

Duration: 2-3 months, once per week

Cost: $195 per month

Contact us to sign up or for more details: or call: 212-473-9912