Get Back Into The Swing Of Things This Fall

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Let’s face it. More often than not, when the seasons shift we are overwhelmingly inspired to make grand changes and to “re-align” our lifestyles. Well, here’s a post to help you along the way, one step at a time. Below are 5 helpful lifestyle changes to consider this Fall to get you feeling more grounded and refreshed than ever. 


  1. Build A Strong Foundation. There will always be things that excite us and upset us. Those things may also induce intensive or anxious feelings. But, the ability to rely on a strong foundation to come back to is key to feeling more stable and rooted. Reflect on what can make you feel more rooted this season such as morning journaling, tuning into your senses, meditation, or connecting with nature each day. 


  1. Detox and Let Go. As the trees shed their dead weight later this season- we can do the same. It takes time to identify and to break old, hindering habits or to stop taking part in things that no longer serve us. After reflecting on this, ask yourself  “Why aren’t these things serving me, and what will?” 


  1. Change Up the Routine. You know that thing you’ve been putting off because it feels too ‘indulgent’, or there’s never enough time? Schedule it! This will create some excitement and things to look forward to this season. Looking at where you can fit in your new gym routine, therapy hour or hobby and putting it on a calendar goes a long way. Now is the time to create some space in your schedule for the self-care and excitement that often takes a back burner in your life. 


  1. Live with Purpose and Patience. Feeling purposeful is fundamental to the idea of fulfillment. Nature has a distinct purpose in the Fall – the trees shed, the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. How can you live with purpose this Fall? Taking the time to address and reflect on where you are now with your goals, and where you’d like to be in the future is key to achieving them. Maybe that includes a career change or a new hobby for you. Don’t let goals feel too big or daunting by feeling the urgency to master life overnight. You have time, but it takes both patience and action to get there.


  1. Transformation. Everything we do begins and ends with the lens in which we are viewing the world. Is yours helping or hindering you? With mental health awareness and therapy on the rise, use this time to dive into some insight and change of your own that you’ve been avoiding or putting off. You don’t have to feel depressed or have experienced trauma in order to seek therapy-but we all have our struggles. Don’t be afraid to tune into your mental health this season! 


Check out our group psychotherapy opportunities and weekly meditations below! We’re excited to be a part of the mental health process- and have a lot to offer!