Episode 5: Be Gentle, It’s My First Time…

On This Memorial Day, a United States marine Veteran agrees to have his first ever therapy session taped.

Our Military Veterans are loved for what they do, but what about who they are? In this episode you will hear:

– How your parents’ relationship sets the tone, or the blueprint, for how you interact in other relationships in your life.

– Why things always go much better when we lean into our vulnerability instead of backing away

– How some of the tough work in life is to go from figuring out what other people want – to figuring out what we want. That includes figuring out what we want to give.

– How the movie “Fight Club” teaches about our model for God.

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Episode 8: Crave the Lunatic

Going home for the holidays, or are already there? This episode is for those of you who may need a little armor. Josh speaks to Kelli about the upcoming holiday season and what it means to go home… In this episode of Session Lessons, Josh talks to Kelli about the