Episode 6: Question & Answer Session with Josh

In this episode Josh answers a few of the great questions that listeners have sent to us via www.joshjonas.com.

What is a good therapist – how do I find one and how do I know they are good?
How can a mother raise a boy in his teens when boys don’t want to talk about their feelings.
Josh discusses the What “should be” culture vs. the “what is” culture.

He even gets a little political when a listener asks him a question about men and the #metoo movement. Stop shoulding yourself, and don’t forget to share and subscribe to Session Lessons! Write in with your questions at our contact us link at www.joshjonas.com.

Episode 8: Crave the Lunatic

Going home for the holidays, or are already there? This episode is for those of you who may need a little armor. Josh speaks to Kelli about the upcoming holiday season and what it means to go home… In this episode of Session Lessons, Josh talks to Kelli about the