Episode 7: Birthdays & Mistresses & The Sopranos, Oh My!

Have you ever been alone on your birthday unexpectedly? What was it like? And what would you do if your child told you that your soon-to-be ex-husbands’ mistress is pretty like a princess?

In this Session Lesson with Vanessa we delve into these questions and a wide range of other topics. You’ll hear about:

  • The teachable moments of birthdays.
  • The difference between being lonely and just being alone.
  • How do you get out of your own way?
  • What beauty is and whether or not it is okay to want to be beautiful.

Episode 8: Crave the Lunatic

Going home for the holidays, or are already there? This episode is for those of you who may need a little armor. Josh speaks to Kelli about the upcoming holiday season and what it means to go home… In this episode of Session Lessons, Josh talks to Kelli about the