Individual Therapy


Our Approach

Changing lives through powerful Individual psychotherapy is the soul of what we do at The Village Institute. We understand that we are all capable of so much more than we realize. Our “symptoms” in life, whether they be anxiety, depression or feeling lost or out of control, are not our body’s brokenness but rather our insides trying to tell us that so much more is possible.

Gaining deep insight into your self is only the first step.

Whether you are battling with addiction, suffering from trauma, or you are outwardly successful and inwardly unfulfilled, The Village Institute has been collaborating with people to build a Life they can be proud of through strength, compassion, and focus for 25 years.

At The Village Institute, we believe that successful psychotherapy is achieved through an active contribution of the patient and the therapist. We will work together to understand your challenges and how to create positive changes in behavior, thoughts and feelings.

mutual commitment

In a psychotherapy session at The Village Institute, patients and therapist alike both talk and listen. We believe that successful psychotherapy requires an active contribution on the part of both patient and therapist. 


The patient brings a willingness and determination to make changes in his or her thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The psychotherapist contributes his or her expertise and is creatively engaged in producing effective therapy sessions. 


Patients often come to us in search of increased self-awareness and personal insight. Often, patients also request treatment for specific issues. Unlike other mental health clinics, at The Village Institute, patients will receive personalized, focused treatment.